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Life is moving fast? Get an affordable personal Loan

A customised personal loan just fo you, so you can stop dreaming and start moving!

A personal loan that fits you best

Personal loans should be for a persons need. Our consultants help you find a loan that’s right for your budget and has a competitive interest rate. Refinance Today has access to Australia’s most trusted personal loan lenders so you can compare and secure a rate that’s affordable and tailored to one person.

At Refinance Today, you get one-on-one personalised personal finance consultant to understand you exact need and offer you the best loan. Your consultant will talk you through your goals, obligations and answer all the questions you have about personal loans.

Don't think much, sometimes oportunity can't wait

On an average an Australian family spend $1,400 for holiay tours, or their monthly shopping is of $1,000. But Many of us do nothave such earnings, how much you & your family resists spending on themselves. But you don't need to sacrifice more, TRefinance Today's personal loan can help you find a competitive personal loan that’s affordable, flexible and convenient with low rates that suit your budget and your financial situation.

So whether you want to go for a holiday, home renovations or entertainment centre, dont just keep thinking. With your savings take personal loan from Refinance Today and enjoy the life.

Why Refinance Today?

With most reliable and reputed lenders in Australia, compare your loan options and choose the best.

Low Interest Rate

Refinance Today is linked with Australia’s top lenders & banks to help you get a competitive rate.

Dedicated consultants

For fast & easy process we appoint a dedicated consultants to each individuals.

Flexible terms

Refinance Today offer various repayment terms, you can choose which suits you.

Trust Base

Refinance Today is the fastest growing refinance brand trusted by Australians.

Debt consolidation

If you are in debt & need loan to consolidate it, we can find you the best rate.

Borrowing Options

We also provide personal loans for small money requrement in fixed interest.

Still Have Some Questions Regarding Personal loan?

We have listed down few common questions everyone have in their mind, Read them and clear all your doubts!


A personal loan is a finance product used to cover a range of personal expenses such as unforeseen bills, holidays, shortfalls in cash, and more. These are unsecured loans and are available with fixed or variable interest rates.


A fixed rate is an interest rate that stays the same for an agreed tenure whereas variable rates are subject to change inwith the official cash rate and housing market.


Yes, Refinance today gives the option of Debt consolidation, i.e personal loan can be granted for repayment of your bad debt. We can also help you find a competitive rate.


Personal loan if for your personal need, Refinance Today helps you to borrow a small amount of $5,000 also.


Yes, you can use Refinance Today's online loan calculator to find out an estimate of how much a loan will cost long-term and with each repayment. No obligation to apply, it's free of cost!


Yes! We help self-employed, entrepreneurs, and even retirees find personal loans that suit their needs.

Your Guide to Personal Loan

With these important points, get to know how can personal loans help you!

Baloon Payment - A new word!

You would have come across "Ballon payment" term when searching about personal loan and wondering what exactly it is. Ballon Payment is a common term for a “residual value payment" which is a lump sum deferred until the end of your loan term. In this type of payment, you pay less monthly repayments over the loan tenure but in the end of the term you will have to remaining baloon amount. You can also refinance the baloon payments but with a higher interet rate. Our consutant can help you in taking decision whether baloon payment is a good option for you.

Barrier to Personal Loans

There are many cases when a person is being rejected for personal loans for various reasons. The foremost reason is the bad credit history. If you have been a defaulter earlier, lenders would not prefer to give you a personal loan as it is unsecured. The other reason is, you repay all loans timely but you already have a huge amount of debts. It is advisable to apply for a new loan when you have paid the existing debts.

Personal Laon Vs. Credit Cards

People generally use credit cards for some or the other small requirements, but personal loan is much beneficial than credit cards if we compare their interests. Credit card interest ranges from 8%p.a. to as high as 24%p.a. Personal loans, on average, come in below those rates. Also, when you pay minimum amount in credit cards it costs you more while there is a fixed interest in personal loan. So, if you are already having credit card and think to have more, do not apply more but go for personal loan which is more beneficial in long term.

When to go for personal loan

Well personal loan can be used for any personal needs, varrying from holiday, home renovation, wedding, bill payments, schools or university fee. It can also be used for repayment of your bad debt. You can even borrow a small amount of $5,000 to $50,000 depending upon you need and condotion. Refinance today's consultaant will help you understand every procedure till you get the loan and repay it.