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Initial Consultation: Where We Work With You to Identify

  • Your immediate finance needs
  • Your medium and long term finance goals
  • Your priorities and your key frustrations
  • What you ideally seek from your preferred lending partner

Research: Our Team of Experts Will

  • Ascertain your borrowing suitability
  • Research appropriate home loan options
  • Shortlist and compare lending options that best suit YOU
  • Document and validate recommendations

Follow up Meeting: At Our Follow-up Meeting we Present Our Recommendations and Proceed

  • Recap medium & long term financial goals
  • Walkthrough product comparisons and interest rates
  • Finalize product and start paperwork
  • Collect supporting document

We do all the Paperwork: Hassel-free and Transparent Loan Application Process for You

  • We prepare, then submit your loan application
  • Actively manage the application process to ensure that all milestones are met in a timely fashion
  • We meet again to help sign loan documents
  • Actively manage the settlement process to ensure that your loan settles on time, as agree

Client for Life: As a Lifetime Client, We Guarantee to

  • Check in with you 6 weeks after loan settlement
  • Maintain accurate, up-to-date, confidential records
  • Keep you up to date each month through our client newsletter
  • Complete a complimentary Annual Home Loan Health Check and make appropriate recommendations

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Refinance Home Loans – Refinance Mortgage Loans with Refinance Today

What is Refinance Today All About?
Refinance Today is Australia’s preferred destination for availing exclusive home loan refinance deals. As a leading-edge mortgage broking group, we help our clients to bag the right deal at the right time for their home finance. We have the services of refinance home loan calculator, refinance home loan bad credit, refinance home loan comparison, refinance home loan to buy investment property. We are providing our services to many clients across Australia & are the trusted partners of many corporations.
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What Exactly Can We Do For You?

If you have an existing home loan, and you are looking out to upgrade your loan features or enjoy a cheaper rate of interest, then we can serve you with end-to-end facilitation services to transfer your loan to the most suitable funding option!

1. Refinance Home Loan Calculator

2. Refinance Home Loan bad Credit

3. Refinance Home Loan to Buy Investment Property

What Are We Made Of? A Rich Line-Up of Mortgage Brokers
Backed by a nationwide broker network, we, at Refinance Today, are fully equipped to cater to the diverse needs of our clients. Our extensive experience and know-how in this field makes us adept at rendering a comprehensive consultation service to the aspiring and existing home owners of Australia.
A Strong Lender Panel Consisting of a pool of bank and non-bank lenders, we ensure that you secure the best possible loan product for your individual circumstances. The huge number of lenders on our list makes it easy for you to understand what’s available in the market and accordingly arrive at the funding decision that best suits your budget and lifestyle requirements.

What Makes Us a Trusted Partner of Choice for Refinancing?

There’s not just one, but several reasons that make us tick!
Have a glimpse of what’s in store for you:

• Enjoy enhanced features and better rate of interest

• Get personalized answers to your queries

• Explore numerous funding options

• Get suggestions for improving your finances

• Avail expert advice on the most appropriate home loan solution for you

• Enjoy guidance at every step of your way, so that you can reach your destination faster

How to Qualify For Home Loan Refinance

How to Qualify for Home Loan Refinance - Simplest Guide

We’re here to empower Australian home owners to save time, money, and energy!
At Refinance Today, our ethos lies in enabling you to experience a home loan switch that is simple and effortless!
Whether you are facing a financial hardship or considering building your own home, we will stay by your side, to help you achieve your dream of owning a home, in the most affordable and hassle-free manner!
We can help you navigate the complexities of financing, whilst ensuring that you put some more dollars back in your pocket!

Our Service Guarantee

Our home loan specialists will help you throughout the switching process, right from the time when you are simply thinking of making the move till the completion of your new home loan deal! At Refinance Today, we believe in working closely with our clients. It is for this reason that we start a new project by first listening to your queries, asking the right questions, understanding your needs, suggesting practical steps, exploring your options, facilitating documentation on your behalf, and finally ensuring that you avail the home loan perfectly designed to meet your changing priorities! With us, you are never alone!

So When Is The Right Time To Make The Switch?

Your circumstances may change over time. We suggest reviewing your home loan after every three years. Learn more about when is the perfect time to move on!

Thinking of Making the Switch? We’re Here to Help!

Whether you are considering Refinancing or seeking to gather some more information about our services, contact our expert team of expert refinance mortgage brokers, and let us assist you to bring you closer to your dream!