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Easy And Convenient Businesss Loans

A tailor made loans to New, old or small businesses with easy EMIs and flexible repayment so you can operate your business smoothly.

Structured Business Loan

Every business is different and their requrement is also unique, so business loans must me as per the requirement. At Refinance Today, our specialist finance professionals will structure the right loan according to your unique business needs. Our experts will help you design the loan to save you tax and structure your assets or liabilities according to your accounting.

We have wide range of loan options from Australia's top lenders so you have many options to choose, we also help you to analyse the best loan as per your current siuatin & future prospects.

All types of Business Loans

A business can be established with a small product or service. Refinance Today understand that every busines needs some investment at some or the other level so we provide business finance for commercial utilities & vehicles, medical equipments, IT facilities, operating cost, trucks & logistics, agricultural equipments, and much more. Any business you have, we have the loan solution for you.

Our business loan experts will assist you in choosing right loan so you can save money in long term and designed to save you tax and structure your assets or liabilities according to your accounting.

Still Have Some Questions Regarding your business loan?

We have listed down few common questions everyone have in their mind, Read them and clear all your doubts!


A business loan is a kind of financing specifically intended for business purposes. Business loans are a great way to get your new business up and running. It is debt that the company is obligated to repay according to the loan's terms and conditions.


Yes! Refinance Today finances all types of business needs. Whether you’re in agricultural, manufacturing, distribution,professional services or IT solutions, we can tailor solutions for your business.


Yes! Our financial professionals can find loan products that take into account your cash flow expectations. You can get an estimate free of cost.


You can use Refinance Today online calulator to get an estimate, It's free of cost.


Yes! Refinance Today give businesses a second chance at equipment finance.


Yes! Most business equipment leases and loans allow for GST and interest claims back on your tax. Ask one of our financial professionals for guidance.


Not necessary, you may purchase equipment from private vendors or other businesses- whichever is convinient for you.

Your guide to business loans

Read some of the helpful information on business loans to help you make a right decision

Comparing Business Loans

Business decisions are very crutial, you need to look into many aspects when applying a business loan. The most importnant part is the interest rate, which will impact your business on an immediate basis during repayment of loan. You must also structure so you get maximum tax advantage. There is differetn repayment options like monthly, quaterly, half-yearly or yearly, with how many year would loan be completed- choose which suits you best.

With these factors, you must also consider the reputation of the lender for better and faster services. A common mistake most people end up doing is getting confused by the wide range of choices, and making a bad decision. Our experts will help you all over the process to make a right decision.

Need to know, if you are applying a Truck Loan

Maximum business deal with logistics where truck is essential for the business, Many Australians apply tuck loan. Here are mportant factor you must not ignore while taking a loan for truck. The most important thing to consider with this type of finance is how affordable it will be to maintain. A truck is a major career investment, after all, and the cost means that monthly repayments for truck finance could be quite high. Consider the different lendors, There is a wide range of companies that offer truck finance, each claiming to be top of the game.

You must also compare all the truck loans available, check the factors in taxes and set aside some savings which may help pay for essential extras like insurance and add-on features that you want for your truck.